Thursday, November 28, 2013

INDIA SONG {tum hi ho}

Is trying to put the video youtube on my post
because i really liked this video
the song in this video tells the story of true love
what a beautiful and very touching

sorry,,, the article was just a little
since this is trial!!!

watch this video and enjoy it

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hello,,,!!! How are you,,,???
i guess i've never say "how are you" on my post, this is the first time
how about my "how are you"???
polite or not???
if i thought it polite,,, because i'm the one who has courtesy he he heee
here is said my greetings

Ok now heading "he dreamed of me"
here is "he" who is he,,,???
surely you didn't know who is he
so,,, i will tell about him
"he" who dreams about me is my facebook friend
he is from another country
we know each other only limited to chat
never meet each other
and will probably never even met
but he has dreaming of me

On one morning he text me
he said to me "i'm so happy you know why?,, because last night i dreamed about you
then he told me with so enthusiastic about his dream
in his dream me and him in the same school
one day a teacher chose we both to perform in competition/contest
because where competition is a little far from our school
then we use the transport "bus"

When the bus would leave,,, i stopped at the cafeteria
i ordered a cup of tea
with very slow i enjoy my tea
because feared missed the bus, then he asked me to move out of the cafeteria
but i told him to go alone
then he come out of the cafeteria with a very dissapointed
and he was still waiting for me outside the cafeteria
because in the dream i was very pretty girl he he hee
with pride i don't care about him
even the slightest without looking at him

Uffff,,, the bus is already running
eventually he run after the bus and he stopped the bus for me
his dream ended up here
since the time he wakes up
i can imagine how pity he was in his dream
but he was happy because his dream

A dream is just a dream
it all will never be real
Although this is only a dream
but i'm very thankful to him
because he took me in his dream

mimpi hanyalah mimpi,,, itu tidak akan menjadi kenyataan

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Not prohibited jealous but don't be jealous of me
jealously is a natural thing in love
it could even be said that jealous is a dish that should be enjoyed in love
because many people say the jealously is a sign of love

I know you are jealous that mean you love him, care about him
you don't want anyone else to snatch him from you
and everyone will be doing it to keep her love

I never blame your jealously
i even appreciate that
because with your jealously it shows that you love him
i had come to feel happy
because there is someone who truly loves him

But i beg you,,, don't be jealous of me
you know me and him in a relationship of friendship is very long time
and i tell you one thing. That is between me and him is just as good friend
not more,,, ,,, ,,,

I was the person irritable ang arguing with my friends
but it didn't last long
because i'm also a person who likes joke
it all makes my friends miss me,,, :-P
jiaha ha haa (i'm proud myself)
no wonder if i looks so close to my friends, and sometimes make others jealous

i know he has the love of you
but he still needed friends
and don't blame the person you love by your jealously

Because he also wants you to be happy!!!
if you want him to leave me,,,???
maybe he'll do it for your happiness
because he care about you

I ever say love to all my friends
but just as friend
i didn't say love as lover to everyone
i just say love as lover to who that i love
that's me!!! SO,,,.don't be jealous of me

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Broken my heart,,, broken my heart,,, broken my heart because of you
let's sing
let the heart feels happy and the mind is calm
but if continue to sing may later fail to write
he he he with a smile let's stop singing

You have breaking my heart
your attitude that you showed me it was really breaking my heart
almost every night you make my tears dripping
as a result my soft eyes become swollen
why do you do that to me ???
it is really breaking my heart

very rarely do you understand my feelings
you doing more of the things that make me hurt
why do you do that to me ???
it is really breaking my heart
You always ignore me with a cool attitude that you have
you have showed that you not interested in me
aren't you can a little warm to me
why do you do to me???
it is really breaking my heart

You never to apply your maturity to face me
you are like a child who are pretend and does not know everything
aren't you can be mature???
why do you do that to me
it is really breaking my heart

You always silent in the deal of our problems
you do not explain anything
you just got a «no»
is your «no» can solve the problem???
why do you do that to me???
it is really breaking my heart

I gave my heart to you
i hope you take and keep it with all your heart
but you did it only with half your heart
without thinking about my feelings
why do you do that to me ???
it is really breaking my heart

Althought you always hurt me!!!
but why am i still waiting that you will give me happiness someday
because now you are like that
i can only hope happiness in the future

This story is not purely of my story
but for sure this is expression of my heart
but a little joking

kamu menghancurkan hatiku
walaupun kamu selalu menyakitiku
tapi aku masih berharap kau akan memberiku kebahagiaan pada suatu hari nanti

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Regarding leaving and hating
in general anything that we hate then we will leave it
but we leave something it does not mean we hate something that

Yeah that is what i'm doing to you right now
i leave you it does not mean i hate you
i leave you for variety of reasons
with variety of reasons as well for i do not hate you

Our relationship have established so long
we had been so close
i know all about you and you also know about me

but the fact of the parts that i know you that is not the truth
what you done not according to what you are talking about
you lied to me like
because i hate the lies that the reason why i'm leaving you
that does not mean i hate you but i hate your attitude
i also leave you with the reason i know you'll be happier without me

So forgive me as i leave you
but i did not want to hate you too
that is the reason because you've been so good to me
because you've been so understanding of me
therefore i will not hate you

So in this world will never be found the dictionary that muya devoteeshonesty hate ex boy friend / lover and hate ex friend
he he he is there a word said ex friend???
i do not know how to say it
more trivial i call the ex friend

Because i was a little selfish
so leave someone it is regular thing for me
but to hate someone it is very difficult/impossible for me
because i will never hate anyone who ever lived in my heart as friend or boy friend / lover
that it is my principle
that was the intent of my words «leaving does not mean hating»

Aku meninggalkanmu bukan berarti aku membencimu
karena aku tidak akan pernah membenci seseorang yang pernah tinggal di hatiku
siapapun dia

Thursday, November 14, 2013


cyberspace,,, cyberspace,,, cyberspace,,,
in my solitude being in another country
i decided choose the cyberspace for looking friend
the cyberspace can entertain me in between my busy schedules and my tiredness

I chose the cyberspace to make friendship
that might be a place to pour heart
that might be a place to share
that might be a place to jokes
besides that i also chose the cyberspace aims to learn and gain experience

I get into the cyberspace more than one year
i started using the cyberspace around 2012-07-03
here i include the new
the first time i set my foot into the cyberspace i choose facebook world
then google+ world,,,skype,,,tweeter,,, and others

Because i could say people who are less educated
so,,, the first time i entered the cyberspace is very difficult and unfamiliar
but over time it became a regular thing

And it turns out i also found that friendship cyberspace
it's like water of river flowing
they always come and go,,, and forth,,,
although like that i enjoyed the cyberspace
because i have choose it

Aku menikmatinya karena aku telah memilihnya!!!!!!,,,,!!!!!!,,,,!!!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


my badness and my kindness
in this occasion i want to write my kindness and my badness to all my friends
for anyone who feels to be my friend
as long as we make friends surely you find bad and good things of me
and i found the same from you

in this world no one is perfect
where he had the kindness he also had badness
so likewise with me,,, because i'm human too
i'm not a robot,,, not superman,,,not spiderman&batman,,,!!!hee hee hee everyone knows about it

during friends with me maybe you do not feel comfortable with my badness
as a friend maybe i'm too selfish to you
maybe i lack respect for you
and maybe i'm not understanding you
it is my shortcomings and my badness
as a friend i beg forgive me of all my badness

And apart my badness surely you find also part of my kindness heheee
maybe i'm the one who could comfort you by talking random origin when joking
maybe i'm the one that you can make spot pour out of your heart
maybe i'm someone who can keep your secrets
this is part of my kindness
i hope you can feel it
the point,,, for all my friends,,,!!!
forgive all my badness and feel my kindness

Buat semua teman temanku,,,!!!selama berteman mungkin aku banyak salah???
jadi aku mohon maafkan segala keburukanku dan rasakan kebaikanku

Sunday, November 10, 2013


He whom i love and love me...
It turned out he was not my mate
we both had long been making love
belonged to each other it is the dream of the two of us

At first me and him secretly in love
without one of the family who knows
at that time we were both very happy
we love each other,,,
we always shared joy and sorrow

Eventually news of our love story was widespread
until like TITANIC love story that very famous in the world
HE HE HEE do you believe???
do not believe it was not a problem!!!
because i was joking about TITANIC

This is the cause,,,
our love story can be heard up to the ears of our family
and the answer is,,, our family did not approve of our relationship
finally we both like was dead
we both are not likely to oppose the family
what we should do is to understand each other that we are not soul mate

In this world many of us find lovers who ultimately can not be paired
no one knows who will be our soul mate
maybe a lover,,, friends,,, or stranger,,, who would be our soul mate
only GOD knows!!! because soul mate is the secret GOD

we can be paired with those we love... Or not...???
it is all the will of GOD
we will not be able to resist
but rest assured,,,!!!
that the choice of GOD is the best for us

Jodoh adalah rahasia tuhan,,, maka yakinlah pilihan tuhan adalah yang terbaik buat kita

Saturday, November 9, 2013


we as hodge should work with full power to get a little money
Woke up early... Went to the fields of others, and should work with full responsibility
Never bothered by the heat of the sun, even when the rain soaked us
We have to keep working. Until the time of call to move away from job

hodge is a very hard job
Maybe some people can not afford and do not want to do it
Most farm labor is done by lower class families in economies
We must work move to move from field to field, every day have to face different people (boss)

I too have experienced be hodge
When it was early morning i have to go into the fields of others
Because i went on foot, and it requires considerable time
So... I have to leave home very early!!! and when it happens to very hot weather

at first i did my job with regular
But after the sun started to come up and speaking
Ooohhh my GOD,,,! ! ! MOM... Your daughter feel the heat of the scorching sun
I worked while holding the heat of scorching sun and try to to ignore it
Finally finished my work at 01:00pm, and it's time to go back to my beloved home

my mind is more calm... But i still have to back home on foot!!! And must be accompanied by sunshine
I walked slowly... Holding hunger, thirsty, tired and hot weather
And suddenly in the middle of trip...!!! klepek...klepek... i limp helpless
I have to find a tree for shelter and rest, i do it over and over to arrived my home!!!
That is not what the...!!! But why...???, it was all because i was not used to to do that

Finally i arrived my beloved home!!! wooohhhaaaa i found a very fresh air
And time for a break to refresh my body, now i feel fresh and comfortable
The point we are not going feel the pleasure [not tired] if we never felt [tired]

so much hard for work as farm laborers
For those of you who have better job... Thankful for that you get!!!
Do not you always look up but sometimes look down
Remember... Out there are still many people who are less fortunate than you
I'm feeling quite up here i write about how hard farm labor

Begitu susahnya jadi buruh tani!!! jika kalian mempunyai pekerjaan yang lebih baik maka bersyukurlah
Janganlah kalian selalu melihat keatas,terkadang lihatlah ke bawah

Friday, November 8, 2013


time was quickly passed
do not feel i've known you one more year
now is the time you leave me
because you have to do it

i was worried and scared by your departure
not that i'm worried about myself but i'm worried about you
you look so confused when you stepped away to leave me

i know how you feel when you walk away from me
i'm sure you actually find it very hard to leave me
because here only me that you made place of the outpouring of your heart

i really feel worried and scared look at your departure
i wanted to shed my tears
but i do not want you to also shed your tears
because i know you've been very sad

may your departure not be the right way
but i hope you will do everything to correct
think before you act
and learn more mature to dealing with problems

out there maybe you are offered a wide range of freedom
you will find all the fun
then you have to be careful
because freedom is among the challenges for us

i can only instruct you
to face the free world
take care of yourself properly and protect yourself with faith and piety
always remeber what your goals
do not let you regret later

maybe i had too much give you advice
this is purely i care about you
i hope sense of my worry and my fear can quickly remedied
that is the way i hear the news from you soon
therefore as soon as possible you try to give me the news
this is my wish

karena kepedulian...!!!menimbulkan rasa khawatir dan takut...!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013



all people do not expect and want separation in a relationship
Separation is a very painful thing
Might almost everyone want to avoid what he called a separation

i really regret the occurence of this separation
Why did have to happen this separation?
These are things i never wanted it

our relationship is created through a process
Our relationship is not created automatically
This is what makes me not able to accept this separation

we meet as a very foreign
We do not know each other
Then slowly slowly we build these relationship with the same...

eventually we could trust each other
You care to share some of your secrets to me
And i also do the same...!!!
Then that was very foreign to be very close

but why did you choose this separation
Just because the problem is very trivial
But why did you break this relationship without permission
You left me without words

it's the deepest of my heart!!! I do not want this separation and trying to turn it down
but all of this is already happening
Yeah.. I know every meeting there must be a separation

i can only apologize from all my mistakes
Wish... remember of a little my kindness
And do not you forget the time we shared in the joy and sorrow

Saturday, November 2, 2013


labor shelter
There reminded me of the beauty of togetherness
I think there could be more harmonious
There a lot of people and come from several tribes

Although there are many different people of different tribes
But we were all never thought about it
Which we all thought was harmony and togetherness

We were never looked at us comes from what tribes
We were never seen rich or poor
There that we see is that we're all in the same fate and arms
And that we have the same goal

we all always apply help each other
Always apply gave each other
Always apply share each other

there we can learn from variety of things together
Can joke together though sometimes we can disagree
And sometimes even can a shower together
All of us who were there as brothers

Kebersamaan di penampungan membuat kami yang tidak saling kenal menjadi layaknya saudara

Friday, November 1, 2013


here i'll write some of my first love story
Maybe for some people this could be considered "puppy love"
Because of this incident passed on when i was a little girl
I started to fall in love at the beginning i entered junior high school
And at that time i was only 12 years old

at the beginning of this love because he and his three friends to send the same letter to me
Intially it may just kidding
But the next my heart and his heart adrift into one

we both have the same feeling of love
He was handsome boy in our schools
Yeah....!!!maybe handsome is relative! ! !
But he was different... !!! All my friend think he is handsome! ! ! Hee heee

because of him ... I grew a spirit for go to school
But sometimes i find he does not go to school
When he did not go to school i felt helpless limp
Like... Lost half of my heart

coincidentally we both have the same hobby
table tennis and chess
Because our school hold extracurriculer activities from a variety of sport
So.. We both have more time to meet

every afternoon we both went to school to practice table tennis and chess
For that reason we both had the opportunity to meet

we can meet each other
It has made us feel very happy
Especially for me...!!! Every meeting i had with him made my heart blooming flowers
Like flowers in the seven park blooms

and one day we were alone play chess in the classroom
He held my fingers gently.... WOOWW makes me feel flew above the clouds
And when that he continue to kiss my fingers... DEGG...DEGG...DEGG... my heartbeat sounds
Make my mind erratic
The world seemed to be mine completely

period first love is the most beautiful period
Period which is difficult to forget
And the time i spent with him for seven years

he was my first love
I will always remember him
Because he is the fondest memories for me

this article was be memorable for me from him who has gonna from this world
I prayed that he received at the GOD

you are my first love
Even if you do not be my last love
But i will never forget you

mungkin memang benar bahwa cinta pertama itu tidak mungkin bisa untuk di lupakan