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Thursday, December 26, 2013

BMI is a foreign exchange heroes

Good morning for all blogger friends and google+ friends
it was very happy #muya devoteeshonesty could meet again with you all
surely in a healthy state
I hope the same to you all
BMI(Indonesian Migrant workers) or TKI(Indonesian labor)
we all know what it BMI/TKI
especially for Indonesian citizens certainly know it
because myself as a BMI
so i know the hard and happy to be a BMI
happy feelings to be a BMI are as follows
"get paid every month"
"when it gets good employer/boss and the job is not too heavy"
"we as foreign exchange heroes
and others
hard feelings to be a BMI
"leaving beloved family"
"living alone and lonely in another country"
"when the employer not good and hard work"
"and especially for TKW(Female Labor) sometimes considered low by most people

For the BMI should not discouraged if you find someone despise to you, even insult you
remember,,, we do this all with noble intentions
we struggle for the family
we are also a foreign exchange heroes
and you must remember,,, that essentially in view of GOD we all are the same, people who don't have anything
just protect yourself with faith and piety
final words
spirit,,,!!! For foreign exchange heroes

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Life is very beautiful

Assalamualaikum wr. wb
In this day accompanied by the patter of rainfall around where i live
i wanted to write about beauty
if we talk about the beauty that exists in this world it will never be finished
because this world has so much beauty

Here i will write a small part of the beauty that is in this world
this is not about facial beauty,,, but the beauty of life
so much beauty in this world
we all will find the beauty of it depends on how we feel it

Had i say i write by accompanied rainfall
it also includes part of the beauty
because i feel that it is beautiful
sometimes in this life we find sad,,, tears,,, grief,,, even disappointed
it was also part of the beauty

That's because,,,
we will never feel the beauty of happiness if we have never felt sad
we will never feel the beauty of laughter if we never felt the tears
we will never feel the beauty of joy if we never feel sorrow
and we will never feel the beauty of satisfaction if we don't ever feel disappointed

this is image is a screenshot i took from google shearch
thank you google my post trying to always say thank you could occupy the first page and first rank in google search
it's part of the beauty in my life
because i feel that it is beautiful
in essence,,, life is very beautiful
SO,,, feel it

kita bisa merasakan keindahan itu tergantung bagaimana kita merasakanya
pada hakikatnya hidup ini sangat indah
maka,,, rasakanlah!!!