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Friday, March 7, 2014

I Miss This Blog

it's me
Good evening all friends twists and turns of life
Today I really miss this blog.
Actually I have been intention to leave this blog.
I has been create new blog living and life
and I also holding indonesian blog harapan muyacute
But today came the desire to wrote again in this blog.
because I loves this blog, I likes this blog, why do I loves this blog???
Yeah the answer because this is my first blog.
I learn to write blog is here, I learn to blogwalking is here, I learn everything about blogging also here.
So that's reason why I love this blog.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Google Translate is my English Teacher

created by muyacute

I love you all friends bloggers!!! do you love me???
Waduuuh I'm confused what should I write here and this time,
I just have picture and the tittle,,, is it I publish just 1 picture and the tittle only???
hehee today I create the picture above,

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Inspiration is lost my mind is blank

Night,,, night,,, is with me right now, accompany me, cheer me, hug me tightly,  especially this night, night,,, will never let me in sadness

Friday, February 7, 2014

Swimsuits My Birthday Present

Yesterday is the day that can be said wonderful day for me !!!
Why??? because yesterday is my birthday.
Some people thought that birthday is special day, but for me it's all different, before it I never thought about my birthday, and I think that my birthday it's not important.
It was all can be seen that I nev

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I Misjudged You

muya not cute
Assalamualaikum wr.wb
From the beginning we did introductions indeed I always misjudged you, I always say that what all you said about your feeling to me it is wrong, I never believe you about all that. Then till I ever thinking that you get bored from me, that you tired from me, that you hate me, because I never ever trust on you. But what is you do to me,,, you always be with me, you always be patient to face me, even you always try to make me trust on you. That's you,,,!!! I appreciate of all your attitude, and actually I want to believe you, I want to remove my doubt on you. but in fact,,, I can't to do all that for you, even though I always try to trust on you. Did I really have be

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I just wanted to write

muya cute

Assalamualaikum wr.wb
Good afternoon all my friends
How about you all???
I hope we are all in good health and may we always be protected by ALLAH
Warm greetings from me
At the beginning I was blogging
I never thought about SEO
I never thought about a visitors
And i never thought how would I get the page view in everyday
I just wanted to write
I don't know about alexa, fat or slim
I don't know and never think my writing will come out in google search
I never thinking about all it
I just want to write outpouring of my heart, and learning to write.
Because I don't have experience about writing.
I'm not people that educated, I never ever read books story, I never ever write about story. I only ever write my lessons in my school. And it was all around 15 years ago.
So if I'm forget about writing, reading, it's normal he he hee
But alhamdulillah I still remember to write and read.
Then I try to write on blog it's all to documenting my writing.

But once I entered the world blogging
And after I know a little about blog world
It came the desire to write useful content
Because I see my all friends bloggers, all of their content are useful
But to write useful content it needs more knowledge
It was all not my ability, because I'm very less in knowledge.
So if I have useful content I'll write it, and if I don't have; I don't want to force myself
because i want to be myself.
So my life, will feels lighter

When we talk about writing
Everyone has own writing style
There are write poetry, there is writing aphorisms, there are writing beautiful words, and write funny words. there is also a write random origin, but maybe just me,,, who wrote the origin random.
It was all because I can't wrote beautiful words.
So the result my writing looks very ordinary,,, as I
Instead everyone are different, so all of their thinking is also different , also of their styles are different., including of their writing.
It was all according their hobby.

According my own,,, whatever the result of my writings, although it was bad, even though it was mess.
I have to be grateful, because only like this that I could.
Which the important I never ever write dirty words.
I never speak ill of others in my writings, I never make fun of others in my writings
So it's means I never harmful to others, I never hurt to others
It has become my principle.
Meet you next time & successful greetings from me
Wassalamualaikum wr.wb

Friday, January 24, 2014

Don't let the article in copas by others & edited by muyacute

Hello,,, good morning all my friends
How about you all??? Health right???
Yeah that's my hope, you are all in good health
Mmm Don't let the article in copas by others this is the tittle of this article
If viewed from the tittle, looks like I will give tips for article can not in copas(copy&paste) by others
But I was not going to give tips, and otherwise I ask how to keep the article can't copas by others
That's not that I'm afraid from my article in copas(copy&paste) by others
But pity right??? If the bloggers great, has great article, useful article, and also the result of their own writing.
Then suddenly they find their article in copas(copy&paste) by others

You can see the picture above that says the artisan copas is theif
What do you all think ??? do you all aree if,,, the artisan copas we call as thief.
But this is call particular for the artisan copas/copaser that without mentioning the sources lhooo
Well,,, we all are know that the theif is criminals, because it is can harmful to other, it can hurt to other.
So do not let criminals rampant, because crime is moral turpitude and sin.
Do you have ever heared???

the number of crimes
that occurred it doesn't mean that many bad people in this world
but it's all because good people know crime it, but choosing let/silent

hmmm and of all narrative above
I just suggest to all of you who have good articles Don't let the article in copas by other
If you don't want be harmed by others
If you don't want be hurt by others
I can only suggest but i don't know how to do it!!!
Because it is impossible my articles in copas by others
Ok... I guess until here our encounter,,, meet you next time!!!
Not forget successful greetings from muya cute
Ba byeee

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to the world

Hello world,,,!!!
this minute i want to say " happy new year 2014. to the world,to all friends,for my family and for all"
I am confused want to say what,,,????
to be sure... Seconds have been changed, minutes have been changed, hours have changed, and now the years is also changed

Now it's time we left in 2013 and towards 2014
goodbye,,, memories, and welcome to the expectations
let's take a lesson from the failure in the last year to get success in this year
and of the success that we get in the last year
then we can make sampel for better future

at the new year's eve usually celebrated with trumpets, firework,firecrackers, and others
so the new year's eve to be so festive
ooh yeah,,,in this new year
everyone certainly has what is called expectation
i hope and pray that your expectations can be achieved this year
day that passed are memories
today is a scratch
tomorrow is the hope
hopefully this year we all become better with good hope than the previous year

i'm sorry for any inconvenience in this post
I don't know what mistake on this post
Comments box missing from here

Monday, December 30, 2013

My article was hidden by google+

Hello friends twists and turns of life
did you smile today ???
if not,,, let's smile together!!!
hee hee hee this is my sweet smile

Here i just want to ask you all
why do small portion of my articles is hidden by google+???
have ever your article hidden by google+???
if ever,,, please let me know via the comments box
here i mean hidden by google+ is when i share my articles on google+ just me can see it
i don't know why??? and what the reason???
i'm writing this here maybe of you have ever experienced this,,, so you can share to me

by muya devoteeshonesty

But now i'm a little excited
because after i gave the task to the "blogger buzz" to share my article
then my article could appear in google+ again
and i don't know for which this article can appear or not in google+
if later on this article get +1 more than two it means appearing in google+

Among you'd ask how can it know??? If my article didn't appear in google+
yeah i know because after i share my articles on the google+. Then i didn't get a +1
whereas before,,, every i share anything in google+ definitely get a +1
then i asked to my friends
apparently they didn't see the post that i share

that's story,,, next up to you!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

My samsung android suddenly death

Meet again with muya devoteeshonesty that very cute
cute but when she was a baby
hopefully you all in good health and always in the shadow of GOD
in this occasion in between my busy schedules
i took the time to write articles
because,,, Alhamdulillah my samsung android,,, now can be opened again
After yesterday was cranky all day
i don't know why,,,???
when yesterday i opened it,,,
suddenly pettt pett pettt without sound,,, without image
dark,,, black,,,
like the darkness of my heart when i saw the incident it
because samsung android is the only my capital for blogging...
and also other applications
therefore,,, without my samsung android
like lamp without light

Waduuuhhh,,, then what can i do???
i'm not an expert in electronics
this is only way i can do
1. opening my samsung mobile
2. removing the battery, sim card and memory card
3. then i gave time for cooling/break
4. after all it i charging it.
hmmm... Now can be used again
this is my experience
now i can conclude anything and anyone,,,!!!
everything needs a break

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My adsense ads dying

In this afternoon the weather cold and a bit of sadness enveloped me
i'm sad because my adsense ads dying
it should here there is no sadness, when remembering my initial goal to put adsense ads on my blog
but because it had already fallen in love with adsense ads
yeah,,, arises feeling sad because look at the situation is now

Actually my initial goal put adsense ads just to beautify my blog
it is started after i did blogwalking
i see the blog of the friends is very beautiful so it comes the desire to beautify my blog
because i can't edit the HTML / difficult for me
then i decide and choose to sign up to google adsense
because that i know adsense ads are most popular among blogs
and the official owned google

Once approved by google adsense team, this heart felt happy
and came the desire to earn money through adsense ads
who's doesn't want money???
everyone wants money!!!
Am I right???
but the fact.. Is indeed to earn money it is not easy
here should edit this and that,
if have been dealing with editing my head was so dizzy 8 round
it is a dead end for me

Hmmm,,, and to improve the visitor's hard for me too
because i think the english language blog,,, demand less
and my blog is not content who sought a lot of people
so,,, i don't know what should i do???
now i can only apologize to the advertiser.
i'm sorry,,, which can't market your advertisement

Iklan adsense milikku hampir mati
karena aku tidak bisa mengoptimalkannya

Friday, December 13, 2013

Trying to always say thank you

How are you all my friends blogger???
now is the time i put into practice what is the tittle of this article
"i would like to thank all the friends blogger
thanks to all visitors of this blog
and thanks especially to friends blogger who often visit here without forgetting to comment
these are some examples of trying to always say thank you

I've been practicing of "trying to always say thank you"...!!! he he hee how about you all...???
i hope you all will also practice after reading this article
let my article is useful for others
by that way maybe my article could meet the criteria of SEO wooowww amazing

Say thank you from what we get it shows that we can be grateful
i'm telling you one thing,,, OK
by always say thank you from whatever we get,,, it will not reduce of handsomeness and beauty of you all
and even by always say thank you it will add handsomeness and beauty
he he hee
therefore try to always say "thank you"

marilah kita belajar untuk selalu mengucapkan terima kasih
karena dengan mengucapkan terima kasih dari apapun yang kita dapatkan,,,
itu menunjukkan bahwa kita bisa bersyukur