Monday, December 30, 2013

My article was hidden by google+

Hello friends twists and turns of life
did you smile today ???
if not,,, let's smile together!!!
hee hee hee this is my sweet smile

Here i just want to ask you all
why do small portion of my articles is hidden by google+???
have ever your article hidden by google+???
if ever,,, please let me know via the comments box
here i mean hidden by google+ is when i share my articles on google+ just me can see it
i don't know why??? and what the reason???
i'm writing this here maybe of you have ever experienced this,,, so you can share to me

by muya devoteeshonesty

But now i'm a little excited
because after i gave the task to the "blogger buzz" to share my article
then my article could appear in google+ again
and i don't know for which this article can appear or not in google+
if later on this article get +1 more than two it means appearing in google+

Among you'd ask how can it know??? If my article didn't appear in google+
yeah i know because after i share my articles on the google+. Then i didn't get a +1
whereas before,,, every i share anything in google+ definitely get a +1
then i asked to my friends
apparently they didn't see the post that i share

that's story,,, next up to you!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

how to use heating machine

Hello friends twists and turns of life
my arrival this time really is different
this time i didn't bring love, outpouring of hearts, and food!!!
but i take it is heating room machine
since the weather here is very cold
so requires machine heating room

ok this is picture,,, machine heating room
i took this picture from the front and side
do you ever see and use this machine???
if not...!!! Then take a look at this picture
let you don't get bored that always look at photo muya devoteeshonesty that cute

Well,,, i will explain how to use this machine
* first... distributes this machine on electric current
* then press the button... on, off
view pictures from the side,,, there are two buttons, on, off
* you can adjust, the high, medium, and low
you can see the picture just above the button, on, off
* wait for few minute this machine will come out heat
ooh yes this machine equipped with a small clothesline at the top
this clothesline for drying small things... Example: socks,handkerchiefs and others
and at the bottom this machine there are 4 small wheels

under this is also machine heating room

but this is slightly different
it only has two buttons, on, off
without, the high, medium, and low
this doesn't need to wait for a few minutes to generate heat
just one press,,, the heat will come out quickly

but using these machines resulted in our skin feels dry
to prevent this, we can put one basin of water in front of the machine

Thursday, December 26, 2013

BMI is a foreign exchange heroes

Good morning for all blogger friends and google+ friends
it was very happy #muya devoteeshonesty could meet again with you all
surely in a healthy state
I hope the same to you all
BMI(Indonesian Migrant workers) or TKI(Indonesian labor)
we all know what it BMI/TKI
especially for Indonesian citizens certainly know it
because myself as a BMI
so i know the hard and happy to be a BMI
happy feelings to be a BMI are as follows
"get paid every month"
"when it gets good employer/boss and the job is not too heavy"
"we as foreign exchange heroes
and others
hard feelings to be a BMI
"leaving beloved family"
"living alone and lonely in another country"
"when the employer not good and hard work"
"and especially for TKW(Female Labor) sometimes considered low by most people

For the BMI should not discouraged if you find someone despise to you, even insult you
remember,,, we do this all with noble intentions
we struggle for the family
we are also a foreign exchange heroes
and you must remember,,, that essentially in view of GOD we all are the same, people who don't have anything
just protect yourself with faith and piety
final words
spirit,,,!!! For foreign exchange heroes

Monday, December 23, 2013

My samsung android suddenly death

Meet again with muya devoteeshonesty that very cute
cute but when she was a baby
hopefully you all in good health and always in the shadow of GOD
in this occasion in between my busy schedules
i took the time to write articles
because,,, Alhamdulillah my samsung android,,, now can be opened again
After yesterday was cranky all day
i don't know why,,,???
when yesterday i opened it,,,
suddenly pettt pett pettt without sound,,, without image
dark,,, black,,,
like the darkness of my heart when i saw the incident it
because samsung android is the only my capital for blogging...
and also other applications
therefore,,, without my samsung android
like lamp without light

Waduuuhhh,,, then what can i do???
i'm not an expert in electronics
this is only way i can do
1. opening my samsung mobile
2. removing the battery, sim card and memory card
3. then i gave time for cooling/break
4. after all it i charging it.
hmmm... Now can be used again
this is my experience
now i can conclude anything and anyone,,,!!!
everything needs a break

Sunday, December 22, 2013

I love you mom

I love you mama

Mother is the most important thing for us
where a mother's love is extraordinary to us
from small to big was the mother still loves us
mother is a woman who never tired of loving us
when we are hungry,,, mother's hands that feed us
when we are thirsty,,, mother's hands who gave us a drink
when we cry,,, mother hand that wiping tears
when we shower,,, mother hand the leveling of water throughout the body
When we hit by problems,,, mother's hands caressing our grief
when we are happy,,, mother hand receiving thanks and hugged us mother hand magic hand
mother's touch is a touch of love

If we feel in solitude
if we feel hate our life
if we feel the loneliness
then closed our eyes and see the mother's face
mother who loves us more than others
mothers are always concerned with our loneliness
mother who suffer when knowing we're crying The harshness of the world is not like a mother's love
out there we will never find sincerity such a mother sincerity
"when the mother is old... So let's don't let the mother feeding food to her mouth with trembling hands
"when mom is sick... We have to take care of her with love
"mother's love sincere of all time
"in this mother's day... let us shout i love you mom

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Reasons to love

let's singing
la la la laaa
do you feel me?
do you feel me what i feel too?
do you need me?
do you need me? ee ee eee
that the reason i love you is you
in you,,,
just you,,,

Good evening all my friends
hopefully your day is filled with love
this time,,, muya devoteeshonesty come again to bring love
do you know why I am often brings love in my article???
it was all because of the love we can feel happier life
he he hetherefore always bring love in you
can you put it in the pocket
or it could be in the bag
sorry... a little joke
to be sure,,, love will always be in your heart all

By the way,,, when you love someone
does your love have a reason???
hmmm yeah,,, there is possibility or also certainity
there are a lot of people loving someone with a reason like the following example
«i love you because of your hairstyle»
«i love you because your face beauty»
«i love you because your posture body»
«i love you because your eyes are so soft
and many other reasons
but it all is an additional reason
here are some the more important reasons to love someone
«i love you because you're very understanding me»
«i love you because you were always there for me»
«i love you because i know you're going suffer without me»
and many more reason that may be more important
but usually,,, when we love someone:-
asked the reason why???,,, the answer is don't know!!!
hemm hemm hemm it's all because love is everything

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My adsense ads dying

In this afternoon the weather cold and a bit of sadness enveloped me
i'm sad because my adsense ads dying
it should here there is no sadness, when remembering my initial goal to put adsense ads on my blog
but because it had already fallen in love with adsense ads
yeah,,, arises feeling sad because look at the situation is now

Actually my initial goal put adsense ads just to beautify my blog
it is started after i did blogwalking
i see the blog of the friends is very beautiful so it comes the desire to beautify my blog
because i can't edit the HTML / difficult for me
then i decide and choose to sign up to google adsense
because that i know adsense ads are most popular among blogs
and the official owned google

Once approved by google adsense team, this heart felt happy
and came the desire to earn money through adsense ads
who's doesn't want money???
everyone wants money!!!
Am I right???
but the fact.. Is indeed to earn money it is not easy
here should edit this and that,
if have been dealing with editing my head was so dizzy 8 round
it is a dead end for me

Hmmm,,, and to improve the visitor's hard for me too
because i think the english language blog,,, demand less
and my blog is not content who sought a lot of people
so,,, i don't know what should i do???
now i can only apologize to the advertiser.
i'm sorry,,, which can't market your advertisement

Iklan adsense milikku hampir mati
karena aku tidak bisa mengoptimalkannya

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Love is a mysterious thing

My article this time stumble love
what is the meaning of the word love ???
i don't know what the real meaning of love
how the meaning of love do you think???
you are free to explain the meaning of love according your thinking in the comment box
he he hee {hopefully}

Now my turn to outlining the love in my view
this is very difficult for me to decipher
for me love is a mysterious thing
we never know when love comes and goes
it was like jelangkung
come not picked up,,, back home not delivered
and when love it comes very difficult for us to reject
unlike a phone call, we can reject with once press only

Why here i say love is a mysterious thing
because love comes with sudden
without permission first
without texted first
without giving a missed call first
sometimes love comes more quickly than what we expect
sometimes it can be the right time as we expect
and sometimes can be slower than what we expected

Besides it also,,, previously we didn't know who would we love
maybe,,, we can love a stranger, or it could be called love at first sight
maybe,,, we can love our friends
and maybe,,,in fact we can love people we hate
that is all we can not predict
this article just describe a little of the mystery of love in my view

cinta adalah hal yang misterius
ketika rasa cinta itu datang kita akan mesulitan untuk menolaknya, dan bahkan mungkin tidak sanggup untuk menolaknya
kita pun tidak bisa meramalkan kapan rasa cinta itu akan datang

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Life is very beautiful

Assalamualaikum wr. wb
In this day accompanied by the patter of rainfall around where i live
i wanted to write about beauty
if we talk about the beauty that exists in this world it will never be finished
because this world has so much beauty

Here i will write a small part of the beauty that is in this world
this is not about facial beauty,,, but the beauty of life
so much beauty in this world
we all will find the beauty of it depends on how we feel it

Had i say i write by accompanied rainfall
it also includes part of the beauty
because i feel that it is beautiful
sometimes in this life we find sad,,, tears,,, grief,,, even disappointed
it was also part of the beauty

That's because,,,
we will never feel the beauty of happiness if we have never felt sad
we will never feel the beauty of laughter if we never felt the tears
we will never feel the beauty of joy if we never feel sorrow
and we will never feel the beauty of satisfaction if we don't ever feel disappointed

this is image is a screenshot i took from google shearch
thank you google my post trying to always say thank you could occupy the first page and first rank in google search
it's part of the beauty in my life
because i feel that it is beautiful
in essence,,, life is very beautiful
SO,,, feel it

kita bisa merasakan keindahan itu tergantung bagaimana kita merasakanya
pada hakikatnya hidup ini sangat indah
maka,,, rasakanlah!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Trying to always say thank you

How are you all my friends blogger???
now is the time i put into practice what is the tittle of this article
"i would like to thank all the friends blogger
thanks to all visitors of this blog
and thanks especially to friends blogger who often visit here without forgetting to comment
these are some examples of trying to always say thank you

I've been practicing of "trying to always say thank you"...!!! he he hee how about you all...???
i hope you all will also practice after reading this article
let my article is useful for others
by that way maybe my article could meet the criteria of SEO wooowww amazing

Say thank you from what we get it shows that we can be grateful
i'm telling you one thing,,, OK
by always say thank you from whatever we get,,, it will not reduce of handsomeness and beauty of you all
and even by always say thank you it will add handsomeness and beauty
he he hee
therefore try to always say "thank you"

marilah kita belajar untuk selalu mengucapkan terima kasih
karena dengan mengucapkan terima kasih dari apapun yang kita dapatkan,,,
itu menunjukkan bahwa kita bisa bersyukur

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Really,,, i'm very sorry

Good morning for you all
i thank GOD,,, because this morning i still had the opportunity to meet you all
hopefully we are all in good health

In this occasion i'm confused what should i write
because my mind is currently empty
there is no inspiration at all
ok,,, but i will try to keep writing
because by writing i can to meet you all
and also my blog is not blank like my mind

Immediately,,, i wanted to write a bit of my past
"i'm really sorry for what happened at that time"
due to circumstances that don't allow
i can not see you for the last time
now there is just a sense of regret in me
it is impossible i can repeat that time again

Now all only a memory
i can only remember you
sometimes i cry because remember all that has happen
and i don't know why your shadow still always come in front of me
when i was in solitude,,, your shadow come to keep me company
when i was in the dumps,,, your shadow come to hug me "kik kuuk"
and when i cry,,, your shadow also come to wipe my tears "so sweet"

The time that has passed,,, will never going back again
so,,, crying is my way to remember you
and pray for you is my way to redeem my mistake
only this,,, that i can do for you

Waktu yang telah berlalu tidak akan pernah kembali lagi
begitu,,, menangis adalah caraku untuk mengingatmu
dan berdoa untukmu adalah caraku untuk menebus kesalahanku
sungguh aku sangat menyesal

Monday, December 9, 2013

Learning new things is very difficult

good night all,,, have a lovely dreams for you all,,, eeehh me too...!!!
something new that's very difficult to do
because maybe unfamiliar and there is no experience
if we want be able to do new things
so,,, we have to go through the learning process
because of the learn maybe we can know and do new things

If we talk about learning
learning is compulsory!!! Lhoo,,,!!!
can you see there is now the rules a 9 year learning compulsory
it shows that learning is compulsory
definitely,,, everyone has to do what's called learning
but this doesn't mean just learned in school,,, lhoi,,,
because if learn in school!!! My grandfather and grandmother never do that
the meaning of learning is very broad
learning not only the lesson at school
but we can also learn from the twists and turns of life

Now i want to share a little story
i work here to keep a paralyzed grandmother
once a week,,, nurse came here to check the health of grandmother
on that day the two nurses came here
after they checked grandmother, we discuss the grandmother's health
talk about other things and also joked
and on the sidelines during our conversation, they asked me,,,
you indonesian people right???
of course,,, i give an answer to them "yes i'm an indonesian
then they ask again
how to say "how are you" in your language
well,,, that time i becoe a teacher for them
oohh yeahhh... "how are you" in my language is "apa kabar"
the first time they say "apa kabar" the result of their words is "apa kabraa"
even it is very difficult to for them to pronounce.
this is an example how difficult to learn new things

belajar hal hal yang baru itu memang sangatlah sulit
maka kita harus belajar untuk menghadapi hal hal yang baru

Friday, December 6, 2013

My birthday with rabbit cake

Good morning to you all
in this morning i brought my birthday cake
hee hee hee but you all can not slice and eat it
because this cake was almost a year
so,,, you all can just see it
how about my birthday cake???
the cake funny isn't it???
i think,,, this cake is very funny and cute!!!

This cake is a shaped rabbit
and this cake a tiny little cake
coconut sprinkled on top is become white
very coincidentally i like taste of coconut
hmmmm aaaeeemmm the cake very delicious

Oooh yeah i tell you a secret
this is the first time my birthday is celebrated
because in my birthplace didn't hold tradition of celebrating a birthday
so,,, i also have never celebrated my birthday
can understandable,,, living in the village

But at the beginning of this year my birthday is celebrated
it was all because my employer bought a birthday cake for me
give me a gift and celebrate it
although this is a small celebrate
but i'm very grateful to my employer
since she's been very good to me

This cake!!! Maybe is very ordinary for you all
but for me!!! this cake is very extraordinary
because this cake was the first in my birthday
and this cake is a gift from my employer

ini kue ulang tahunku yang berbentuk kelinci

kue yang lucu dan imut

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I,,, Blog & my english

hello,,, meet again with me
are you all bored with me???
i hope you all will never get bored with my presence
likewise i never get bored with seeing you all

hmmmm now talk about my blog
what's wrong with my blog approximately
and why am i writing a blog
previously i don't know what is a blog
and until now i don't know what the meaning of the blog

The first time i wrote a blog
i thought the blog was like facebook
anyone who can saw our writing is who is become our friend
or who seek our wall
so,,, my goal to write a blog post is for a joke and documenting my writing
eee eee eyyy but it turns out the whole world can see our post
without having to be our friend
not just my country indonesia and taiwan country i live now,,, that can see it
but america,england,russia,france and others
all could see our post
wooowww worldwide

because that time i don't know about blogs
that's why i chose to wrote the blog by using the english language
though i don't know and can't speak english
yeah,,, i capitalize dictionary to write a blog
but i don't know to write the english language theory
of course,,, you all can see the result are inconsequential post

hmmmm maybe there are some people say "what is not shy english writing random origin
actually i was also embarrassed
but i threw away my shame
anyway,,, there are people who don't know me in the real world
so,,, if javan people say "bondo nekat"
the purpose of the "bondo nekat" is the capital reckless
now is the time for me to go ahead ang enjoy it
since this is my choice
because i want to learn how to write english language
of the way writing maybe i can little by little what does mean each words

And even if i change my writing by indoesian language not uncertain right
hmmm i tell you all,,, one thing that i can't compose a beautiful words
is thus became complete a deficiency in my writing
my english is not good and words are not beautiful
hee hee hee but here with my sweet smile, i am still ignorant about it
that's me,,, muya

kompelit sudah kesalahan pada postku.. Inggris yang ngawur kata katanya nggak indah

Sunday, December 1, 2013


time is money
world have spoken
is it true that the world is saying time is money,,,???
actually i don't know who said it hee hee heee
maybe for other people,,, time is money
but for me a little bit your time for me was everything else for me
I never wanted the luxury of what you have
i never force you to share the happiness that you have
i also never want require that you have always been there with me
really this is from my heart say and want just a little bit time that you have

You know i feel joy even sorrow that you feel
you know i'm always there for you in every way
you know as well,,, i give you a lot of the time that i have
and i just want understanding from you
give me a little of your time

I want to,,,give me a little of your time to keep me accompany when i'm lonely
i want to,,,give me a little of your time to help solve my problem
i want to,,,give me a little of your time to hug me when i'm in the dumps teletubies oeyyy
i want to,,,give me a little of your time to give your shoulders as where i lean on when i'm in fear
but that came just your shadow
i hope you will understand that what i want is a little of your time
not more,,,

sedikit waktumu,,,adalah segala galanya bagiku