Friday, January 31, 2014

FRIED EEL | eel recipes

image taken by muya from eel recipe book

1 pound eel
1/2 cup oil
6 cloves garlic (crushed)
2 scallion (cut into long pieces)
2 teaspoon

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

STEAMED EEL ROLLS | eel recipes

image taken by muya from eel recipe book

1 Ingredients:
1 1/3 pounds eel (remove skin)
3 sheets thin egg pancake
6 celery stem
1/2 carrot (boiled and shredded)

Ingredient A:
1 egg white
1 tablespoon garlic (crushed)
1 teaspoon

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thobe & Abaya Arabic Clothes

Assalamualaikum wr.wb
Good morning all my friends
In this occasion I will talk about the clothes
As we all know, we all as humans are in need of clothing
Could be said clothes as a basic requirement
In this world there are many kinds of clothing
And in every country have different types of clothes
Of course Arab country also have their own of characteristic clothing
Arabic people,,, usually wear thobe and abaya
And thobe itself is a clothes for men arabic
Thobe / menswear Arab this is shaped a cloak/jubba
Almost all thobe this is a white colored, actually there are other colors but we rarely find Arab men wear it.
And usually the guy Arabic wearing thobe and equipped with turban on their heads.
So by wearing thobe and turban, their Arab men will look dashing / emit their valor


Abaya,,, this abaya is Arabic clothing for women
This abaya is a clothes that shaped gown,but a little big, abaya has only one color,,, namely black!!! And this abaya in worn as outer underwear.
Usually this abaya weared when they go out of the house.
When arabic women out of the house,,, surely they wear an abaya, veil, purdah, sock, glove.
This is all they do to cover their bodies, because they would not let another man see parts of their bodies
Who may see them only a husband, father, and their brother
Here's I can only give a bit of information about Thobe&Abaya Arabic Clothes
I guess,,, just enough here our encounter this time
Meet you next time""" successful greetings from me
Thank you and ba byeee
Wassalamualaikum wr.wb

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I just wanted to write

muya cute

Assalamualaikum wr.wb
Good afternoon all my friends
How about you all???
I hope we are all in good health and may we always be protected by ALLAH
Warm greetings from me
At the beginning I was blogging
I never thought about SEO
I never thought about a visitors
And i never thought how would I get the page view in everyday
I just wanted to write
I don't know about alexa, fat or slim
I don't know and never think my writing will come out in google search
I never thinking about all it
I just want to write outpouring of my heart, and learning to write.
Because I don't have experience about writing.
I'm not people that educated, I never ever read books story, I never ever write about story. I only ever write my lessons in my school. And it was all around 15 years ago.
So if I'm forget about writing, reading, it's normal he he hee
But alhamdulillah I still remember to write and read.
Then I try to write on blog it's all to documenting my writing.

But once I entered the world blogging
And after I know a little about blog world
It came the desire to write useful content
Because I see my all friends bloggers, all of their content are useful
But to write useful content it needs more knowledge
It was all not my ability, because I'm very less in knowledge.
So if I have useful content I'll write it, and if I don't have; I don't want to force myself
because i want to be myself.
So my life, will feels lighter

When we talk about writing
Everyone has own writing style
There are write poetry, there is writing aphorisms, there are writing beautiful words, and write funny words. there is also a write random origin, but maybe just me,,, who wrote the origin random.
It was all because I can't wrote beautiful words.
So the result my writing looks very ordinary,,, as I
Instead everyone are different, so all of their thinking is also different , also of their styles are different., including of their writing.
It was all according their hobby.

According my own,,, whatever the result of my writings, although it was bad, even though it was mess.
I have to be grateful, because only like this that I could.
Which the important I never ever write dirty words.
I never speak ill of others in my writings, I never make fun of others in my writings
So it's means I never harmful to others, I never hurt to others
It has become my principle.
Meet you next time & successful greetings from me
Wassalamualaikum wr.wb

Friday, January 24, 2014

Don't let the article in copas by others & edited by muyacute

Hello,,, good morning all my friends
How about you all??? Health right???
Yeah that's my hope, you are all in good health
Mmm Don't let the article in copas by others this is the tittle of this article
If viewed from the tittle, looks like I will give tips for article can not in copas(copy&paste) by others
But I was not going to give tips, and otherwise I ask how to keep the article can't copas by others
That's not that I'm afraid from my article in copas(copy&paste) by others
But pity right??? If the bloggers great, has great article, useful article, and also the result of their own writing.
Then suddenly they find their article in copas(copy&paste) by others

You can see the picture above that says the artisan copas is theif
What do you all think ??? do you all aree if,,, the artisan copas we call as thief.
But this is call particular for the artisan copas/copaser that without mentioning the sources lhooo
Well,,, we all are know that the theif is criminals, because it is can harmful to other, it can hurt to other.
So do not let criminals rampant, because crime is moral turpitude and sin.
Do you have ever heared???

the number of crimes
that occurred it doesn't mean that many bad people in this world
but it's all because good people know crime it, but choosing let/silent

hmmm and of all narrative above
I just suggest to all of you who have good articles Don't let the article in copas by other
If you don't want be harmed by others
If you don't want be hurt by others
I can only suggest but i don't know how to do it!!!
Because it is impossible my articles in copas by others
Ok... I guess until here our encounter,,, meet you next time!!!
Not forget successful greetings from muya cute
Ba byeee

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to send money via western union
Hello hello hello all my friends twists and turns of life
In the morning of very very very cold I didn't forget to say hello to you all
good morning,,, may we all have a good day as we expect Aamiiin
on this occasion I will share about How to send money via western union
after earlier,,, I share about How to register on western union
WESTERN UNION,,, what is western union??? i'm sure you are all already know!!!
so I don't need to explain again what it is western union but i'll explain how to send it!!!
it's possible for foreign workers is very important of a means of sending money.
one of which is "western union"
but what if they don't know how to send it??? bother right??? dizzy right??? sad right???
hehehee quiet,,, don't bother, don't dizzy, don't sad, because here muya cute will answer of all problem in this article

Ok I was a very simple,,, so I always write a ways very simple
so you will easily understand and with the hope you will can practice it.
well,,, below is How to send money via western union:
1 visit the nearest smart machine IBON
2 then select the destination country
there is be provided instructions according to destination country
3 fill in your ID number, after completion then click agree
4 fill your cell phone number that has been registered, then click agree
5 fill one of recipient names registered, then click agree
6 fill the amount of money that you will send, then click agree
7 after that,,, wait a minute smart machine IBON will issue a paper contained the data that you input
8 it given paper and the amount of money that you will send to officer IBON
ok,,, completed delivery process,,, now make sure your cell phone is always in your hands to wait sms that containing PIN number

How about a few ways listed above??? easy right???
definite answer,,, yes it is very easy!!!
according to my own experience, sending money via western union is very easy, very cheap shipping cost, and also safe.
that's only I can write about How to send money via western union
may can be useful!!!
until here our encounter and see you next time inshaa allah
successful greetings from me
ba bye,,,

Monday, January 20, 2014

How to register on western union

image by muya cute

Good morning all my friends twists and turns of life
Hello,,, How to register on western union is the topic this time
As we know now the means of sending money is essential
Both the means of delivery in the country or the means of delivery abroad
With the progress of era continues to run, we be provided many kind of means of sending money
One of which is "western union"
To send money via western union we must have identity or register on western union

Well,,, here I will share a little bit about How to register on western union
How to do register???
Probably many of you all know how to register!!!
But certainly also there who don't know how to register,,,
So no harm I share
bellow is how to register:
1 get the registration form
this can be obtained from the machine IBON
2 fill the column that has been provided on the form
# first column: fill in the sender's name / your name
# the second column: fill a cell phone number that you use
# the third column: fill in your ID number
# the fourth column: fill home phone number if available
# and the fifth column here are provided three column to fill recipient's name that will be registered
are under each name there is a choice of state must be checked.
4 do not forget the signature at the bottom of the form
3 After that... paste photocopy of ID card on the right side.
And then can be sent via fax or can return form in the manstrong service.

Well,,, above that was the explanation of How to register on western union
I hope this is can be useful for you who want to register on western union but don't know how to register.
Therefore you may could read this article through to completion
heheheee that's expectation of muya cute
Ok until here our encounter this time
Thank you and successful greetings from me

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The convenience of shopping in the supermarket
Assalamualaikum wr.wb
I always say good morning, sometimes: good afternoon, good night, to welcome you all my friends
the convenience of shopping in the supermarket this is the topic of my writing this time
After earlier I wrote about How to shop at the market I'm sure one of you have read it
As we all know that shopping was a necessity for everyone.
Not only from the upper class who has ever shopped, but also the middle class, lower class has ever shopped.
Not only those who live in urban areas ever shopped, even those who live in rural, mountains ever shopped.
So we would not be surprised if between us all know what is called shopping.

And to shop we be provided of variety places to shop, there are markets, supermarkets, plazas, malls etc.
it's all up we want go shopping where
Here I would not suggest to you all to shop where
But I will elaborate a bit about The convenience of shopping in the supermarket
this is part of convenience it:
# we can go to the supermarket without pushing the door because usually the doors open and close automatically
# we be welcomed neatly uniformed waiters
# the rooms were clean and air AC
# not jostle each other
# be provided the carrier basket of groceries
# prices listed and no need to bid
# sometimes there are discounts
# the sum of fast, and getting bon card
# could come home with the groceries with a plastic bag with logo
It's all just in view muya cute lhoooooo
rest is up to you all

Now how my description about The convenience of shopping in the market, complete or not ??? heheheee
Indeed to shopping provided plenty of places,,, it make us easily and freely choose to shop where.
And wherever we shop certainly has its own convenience.
I guess untill here our encounter this time
and don't forget read the short story on my new blog Harapan muyacute
thank you and successful greetings from me
ba bye see you next time
wassalamualaikum wr.wb

Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to shop at the market

assalamualaikum wr.wb
Good morning all friends bloggers
When we talking about market, i think we all know what is called market.
Here I don't intend to explain what the meaning of market.
But I will explain about How to shop at the market
As we know that the people from the middle and lower class, prefer to shop in the market.
Especially the people of the mountains like me, there are very rare to find a supermarket.
Shopping in the market , in addition to an affordable pric, we could see the crowds.
that's one reason we choose shopping at the market.
well here I will outline a few ways How to shop at the market
Here are some ways:
1 Make sure you are there in the market area
2 Think about what you want to buy
3 Go to the sellers who provide goods would you buy
4 Choose sellers are friendly and somewhat crowded visitors
5 Choose good quality goods
example: if the vegetable, choose fresh vegetables
6 Bid
to shop at the market this bid was virtually mandatory
7 Purchase of goods that once you feel fit
that's some way I can describe.
Possible for mothers some of the ways that i have described there are outside of their heads.
But not necessarily for the young to know How to shop at the market
Therefore there is not harm I share about all it, with this expectation could be useful for those people who don't know about it.
Well I guess just enough here meeting with muya cute this time.
And don't forget to read also How to overcome laziness and one more my new blog Harapan muyacute
thank you and successfull greeting from me

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Benefits of ginger drink / ginger tea

image by

Assalamualaikum wr. wb
14-01-2014 Benefits of ginger drink / ginger tea
Hello friends of the blogger,especially friends of twists and turns of life
And not forget the visitors.
How's about you all??? Healthy,,, right???, happy,,, right???
Yeah it is my hope and prayer for you all
In a very cold afternoon I still keep the spirit of writing articles to the sake of meet you all
Don't know why muya cute always wanted to miss you all, always wanted to meet you all
he he he :-D :-D :-D
Ok... Here i'm as host
Not harm i serve something for you all, because you all are my guests.
Now I serve ginger drink / ginger tea for you all, but don't forget to bring their own snacks

Well after ado now time to head on the topic of the content of this article.
Ok here I will share a little about Benefits of ginger drink / ginger tea.
These drinks besides delicious also many properties.
Below are some properties of ginger drink
# can warm the body
This is perfect for cold weather
# reduce hypertension
# prevent nausea
# treat stomach cramps
# removing wind from the body
# treating colds
To obtain more effective result can be coupled with a lemon
And of course there are many other benefits

Ginger drink / ginger tea is also known as body warmers beverage.
As seen from the properties that can warm the body.
The ginger drink is a basice ingredients of ginger..
And the ginger itself is a spice plants known as traditional medicine.
Ginger drink is a traditional drink... But the efficacy sensational.
It was all explanation about Benefits ginger drink / ginger tea
Hmmm after I serve ginger drink for you, I also hope you can also make it yourself.
Therefore,,, don't forget to read also How to make ginger drink
Let i'm not have always serve ginger drink for you hee hee hee
Successful greetings from me to you all
Wassalamualaikum wr.wb

Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to make ginger drink

image by muya cute
Assalamualaikum wr. wb
Good morning all friends twists and turns of life
Not harm I always greet you in every our meeting
Also it doesn't hurt I always ask how about you all.
It is very usual,,,!!!
Now let me... ask a slightly different.
Have you all smiles today???
If not,,, let's start smiling from now. Start 1,,, 2,,, 3,,, please smile
Due to always apply sweet smile we will looks happier. Eeee eee eeeith if we are talking about a smile it would not be endless.
So how the fate of the topic of this article??? This article will be eliminated,,, right???
Well now its time I headed topics How to make ginger drink. do you agree??? He he hee

I guess,,, among you all know about ginger drink/ginger tea.
And especially the population of javan in INDONESIA
Surely they know ginger drink.
Because supposedly said this ginger drink/wedang jahe(javan language) is a traditional javanese drinks.
This ginger besides as a spice in cooking it can also be made drinks.
Well may of you there are have no idea how to make a drink ginger
Here i will share a little bit about How to make ginger drink
And here's how to make it
1. 80 gr ginger,,, washed clean, sliced/crushed
2. the leaf stalk lemongrass,,, crushed
3. 1 sheet of pandan leaves
4. 100 gr of brown sugar combed fine
How to make/cooking
1. Cook 1 liter of water along with the material substance
2. After boiling,,, wait about 3 minutes
3. Strain into glass and ready to be served
Ginger drink,,, is a very delicious drinks!!! you know!!!

well,,, above i've explained about How to make ginger drink
Wouldn't it be easy???
After this i hope you all can make it, for anyone who wants to make it.
I guess,,, its enough our meeting this time
Time for muya cute to say see you again on another occasion.
eee eeee eeeeith also don't forget to read about Benefits scarf in winter ok!!!
Final word thank you and
wassalamualaikum wr.wb

Friday, January 10, 2014

Benefits scarf in winter
Muya cute with a scarf
Assalamualaikum wr. wb
Hello all friends twists and turns of life
I hope you all in the good health and in the shadow of ALLAH
I hope you all never get bored with muya cute that always greet you all
Ok... Well... In this winter i don't get tired of talking about the cold
Now i talk about Benefits scarf in winter
It is also still dealing with winter
Hmmm speaking about the scarf...!!! Is it a scarf???
Surely you all know what is called the scarf.
If for me,,, the scarf/neckerchief is a piece of cloth that is usually worn around the neck
On previous occasion i've shared about Items for body warmers
Well on this occasion i would like to share a little bit about Benefits scarf in winter
This is the benefits of scarf
* the scarf can warm the body when a person feels cold
* scarves could also as accessories/fashion
* scarves can enhance your appearance

Hmmm about the scarf
Perhaps in an area that doesn't have winter,,, the scarf just for style only.
But for areas that have winter the scarf can also be said as the need
Why,,,??? The scarf here can be regarded as necessity??
Yeah,,,!!! Because almost every person who lives in an area that has winter, they wear a scarf to warm their bodies
Well here's a little explanation about Benefits scarf in winter
Hopefully useful and if there is a shortage please include your opinion
Not forgetting the successful greeting from me

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Items for body warmers

Hello all friends twists and turns of life
Hope you all are in the shadow of ALLAH
May you all always be happy and achieve all your dreams on this day
In winter like this,,, the cold is always faithful to accompany me
Therefore I prepared items for body warmers
What about you all???
Is the cold also accompany you???

At that time I have explained about how to use heating machine
Well,,, now time for muya cute to explain a little about items for body warmers
This is just a small item that works only for a while
We can use this item and then we can throw
As the proverb says "use and throw"
But this item is very useful in winter... lhooo

image by muya cute

The above image is composed of two items
Which is of the two is a little different
The images to the left of it is an item that can be affixed/sticky
"And for items that can be affixed!!!
Well here's how to use it
# paste this item on the clothes innards, paste this item to the part that are sensitive to cold
# but must also wear clothes outer to generate heat
"And to that can't be affixed
Here's how to use it
# We can rub this item in both hand and other body part,or we could put it in the pocket
Well that was an explanation about the items for body warmers
Successful greeting from me and hopefully useful

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chou doufu Taiwan /stinky tofu

image by muya cute
chou doufu fried

Good morning to all friends twists and turns of life
How are you all???
Life will be more beautiful when we always greet each other
I hope you all in good health and always in the shadow of ALLAH
This time "muya cute" does not come with empty hands
But bring chou doufu taiwan/stinky tofu
"Chou doufu" is mandarin language, "chou" meaning stink/smell and "doufu" meaning tofu
And the pronunciation of "chou doufu" is "chou tofu"

Chou doufu Taiwan/stinky tofu
It is food in the form of tofu
But this tofu is different, this tofu is a foul smelling.
the smell is what led to this tofu is different.
Actually i don't know chou doufu is derived from which countries
But i found this tofu in Taiwan, and certainly chou doufu can be found in other countries.

There are a various ways of cooking chou doufu!!! there are fried, teams, soup and etc.
This tofu is stink but tastes very delicious, because I was one of the lovers chou doufu
Because it smells rotten maybe some people not fond this food
And because the smell it, when we want to buy an easy to find place sellers.
This is a bit informations that i can describe about chou doufu Taiwan/stinky tofu

Sunday, January 5, 2014

How to overcome laziness

Hello all,,,!!! Meet again with me!!! Muya cute
Speaking of laziness,,, everyone ever experienced a feeling lazy
It was the usual stuff
Here i will share a little about how to overcome laziness
To avoid feeling lazy we must have a way

Sometimes laziness comes to us,,, whether at work,learning,worshipping.
But do you know that lazy is the most important thing that can hinder the success
It could even lead to the failure
Don't you always maintain laziness
Well,,, this is part of how to overcome laziness
1. Doing sport
Doing sport can improve blood circulation.
If blood circulation smoothly we can be more healthy and spirit
Then the lazy feeling will go
2.Adequate rest
Adequate rest can avoid laziness, because with adequate rest we will not be sleepy.
Sleepiness is one of the causes of laziness
3.Thinking of benefit / avail
By thinking of the benefit / avail we will get then it will reduced the feeling lazy
4.Thinking of losses
Besides think of the benefits, we have to think of the loss too
5.Don't get used to delay the little things
By always delaying the little things we will be overwhelmed
Confident,,, this is an important part to prevent laziness
7.Looking at the success of others
This doesn't mean envy,,, but this can encourage us to believe... " I should be able to do
Other people can to do...!!! Why i can not
8.Creating a written schedule
By having a schedule we can do what must be done first
With something scheduled!!! something it will feel lighter to done and not lazy to do
9.Having friends.
Friend that can motivate us..
Indeed the motivation of self is the most good things
But we need motivation from others to add the spirit and to throw lazy

I'm writing this post, because at these few days i'm lazy to write a post and blogwalking
Then one of my friends motivate me to always keep writing post
Only this can i writing how to overcome laziness
May be useful for you all
I'm sorry,,, if you think this doesn't fit with your thoughts

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to the world

Hello world,,,!!!
this minute i want to say " happy new year 2014. to the world,to all friends,for my family and for all"
I am confused want to say what,,,????
to be sure... Seconds have been changed, minutes have been changed, hours have changed, and now the years is also changed

Now it's time we left in 2013 and towards 2014
goodbye,,, memories, and welcome to the expectations
let's take a lesson from the failure in the last year to get success in this year
and of the success that we get in the last year
then we can make sampel for better future

at the new year's eve usually celebrated with trumpets, firework,firecrackers, and others
so the new year's eve to be so festive
ooh yeah,,,in this new year
everyone certainly has what is called expectation
i hope and pray that your expectations can be achieved this year
day that passed are memories
today is a scratch
tomorrow is the hope
hopefully this year we all become better with good hope than the previous year

i'm sorry for any inconvenience in this post
I don't know what mistake on this post
Comments box missing from here