Thursday, October 31, 2013


broken heart
when we do something for someone
and someone that has ignore it
even more appreciative to someone job that is not for him
heart pain
when there is no mutual respect
when there is no mutual understanding
when there is no mutual discussion
feel disappointed
of what he had done
of what he showed
of what he had given
i know
that what he did was for her
that all his time only for her
and that his whole life only for her
i can
i can understand from all that
i can let it all happen
in fact i appreciate all of it

but from what happened yesterday i do not know why...???
Suddenly my blood circulation increased 90°
My anger overflowed to the crown
And my heart feels the heat as hot as fire

but i had to immediately stop all that
now all has passed
now time to start a new day
and start a new happiness

hati kita akan terasa hancur ketika kita melakukan sesuatu untuk orang lain
dan semua itu telah di abaikan

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


you are my best friend
I wrote this just for you
I can not give you anything for gift
I can only give this article
May it could be said this is a gift from me
my best friend
I'm very grateful for your presence
I'm very grateful for your understanding
I'm very grateful for what you've given me
my best friend
When I'm sad you come to comfort me
When i was alone you came to keep me company
Even when i was happy you also come to tease me
You always come to me in every condition
my best friend
You are so mature to face my childish nature
You are so patient to confront my selfishness
You are so understanding and respect my decision
my best friend
There are no words that i can express to you
I can only say you are the best of the good
Thank you very much for everything
Teman sejati adalah dia yang selalu ada untukmu ketika seluruh dunia menjahuimu

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


my sweet smile
Why do i call a sweet smile ? ? ?
Because for me smile is something
Something that made me become sweeter when i apply it
Just a little jokeHEE HEE HEE
But i do not know how other people thinking about my smile
when a smile is on my face
Is that time i certainly feel happy? ? ?
Or is that time i'm feeling sad? ? ?
It was all just me know and feel it
yeah that's true for the world may smile is a symbol of happiness
Sometimes there is sadness behind my smile
But i want to always smile behind my sadness
Because i want to show that i'm always happy to anyone who saw me
it's not that i hypocrites
But i want them to also happy when they see me
Sometimes a person chooses to smile it's just because he do not want to explain why he was sad
may it's also the way i do
Always smile to cover my sadness
That way i can feel a little happier
Always smiling it's my choice
Selalu tersenyum itu adalah pilihanku

Monday, October 28, 2013


trying and pray In this life: we must strive and pray to achieve what we want
The two things we must do in unison
Without trying we will not acheive the goals in life
This is a simple example« eating and drinking» to get both we must strive first
we have to know nothing is free in this world
We have to pay for it through a effort and prayer
Because GOD will not change the fate of a person if the person not willing to change it
By trying we also have to remember to always pray to GOD almighty
Because virtually everything in the world belongs to GOD
We can not do anything without the will of GOD
here i will give a simple example again
This is an example«in fact we will not be able to move our fingers without the will of GOD
because we all belongs to GOD almighty
always strive to achieve all the goals
always pray to remember GOD almighty
usaha dan doa itu adalah dua hal yang harus kita lakukan untuk mencapai tujuan dalam hidup ini
Selalu berusaha untuk mencapai cita cita dan selalu berdoa untuk mengingat tuhan yang maha kuasa

Thursday, October 24, 2013



Now your time has arrived
Now is the time you give to the world your flavor
everyone felt your flavor
That`s your flavor
Now i was also feeling of your flavor
do you know what i`m feeling right now???
i feel cold of your flavor
i feel very cold...
I wanted to dismiss the whole of your flavor
But you are always faithful to accompany me throughout your time
what my power??? I can not do it
I need warmth
What should i do???
Sometimes i think i want to call the sun to evict you
But i don,t want to be too selfish about this
Because this is your time
To deal with you... Here i prepare a jacket ,warm clothes,thick blanket
But you are still able to penetrate through the pores of my skin
Now should i lit a fire to warm me from your flavor
Yes... I had to do it
i have to be aware and understand you
You have come to do your job
Because that's the essence of life
Musim dingin di daerah taiwan mulai datang... Hhhhhhh dingggiiiiiinnnnn

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Called a sweet family that's because
there is always a harmony
there is always a beauty
there is always happiness
there's a lot of affection
Among them is never disconnected from the name of the communication
Share their happiness and sadness
There is mutual understsnding
They rejoice together
they were discussing when there is a problem and can solve it
harmony that they have made a family to feel warm
they do anything to always help each other
support each other
Share inspiration
they keep each other feeling
Iiving among them are not going to make us miss the beauty of life
their lives worth be imitated
their lives makes life more vivid
keharmonisan dan komunikasi itu adalah sangat penting dalam keluarga Jagalah keharmonisan dan jangan sampai terputus dari komunikasi

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


smile,,, smile,,,smile,,,
always smile
A smile is a beautiful gift from GOD almighty
with a smile on the face can enhance your appearance
with a smile on the faces,, people who see it feel peaceful
whatever happens try to always smile
when we have a problem a smile also can relieve it
With a smile on our face that shows that we are able to undergo whatever happens
smiles are also included as part of the worship
Because with a smile can make who see it feel happy
smile is the beauty for anyone who has it
try to always smile during our lives
try smiling like my sweet smile
Heee Heee Heee
usahakanlah selalu tersenyum selagi kita bisa
apapun yang terjadi
karena senyum adalah bagian dari keindahan yang kita miliki

Monday, October 21, 2013


Goodness is something that everyone wants
But goodness is not easily we get
in doing a thing...
Not necessarily result in better
But we can change it for the better
We have to learn from all the things to be better
By always trying to be better
although little by little we will achieve thing... it
In doing thing to get good it is not easy/free
we have to pay to assess themselves then strive to be better
we would be happy if what we are doing to get good results
we will be satisfied if what we do get better results
therefore in doing something that we should strive to get better results
dalam mengerjakan sesuatu mendapatkan hasil yang bagus itu adalah harapan semua orang
maka dari itu selalu berusahalah untuk menjadi lebih baik dari yang sebelumnya

Sunday, October 20, 2013


your presence is one of the ways your children can live in this world
You are affection very sincere
In giving love you were never expect anything in return
You give your affection with all your heart and soul
You both are very important for your children
YOU worked laboriously no matter the heat of the scorching sun and cold rain
all that for your children
And you take care of your children with great affection
YOU both tought how to do everything well
tought between good and bad
Even you sclod your children when they make mistakes
Because you want your children become a useful person
it all is a form of your affection
your affection incomparable
Berbaktilah kepada kedua orang tua karena perjuangan mereka hanya untuk kebahagiaaan dan kebaikan kits

Saturday, October 19, 2013


oooohhh the beauty of your light
Make wake wake up all living things
Make them know that new day come again
And make them aware that the previous day had passed
they were all very excited to welcome the arrival of your light
cock was crowing because your light
birds flick his wings because your light
flowers are blooming because your light
Your light makes everything wither be refreshed
Your light became a symbol of the start of a new day
keep smile in this morning
sambutlah pagi hari ini dengan senyuman manis

Friday, October 18, 2013


no other words to express the sadness people overseas than
"heart cry"
They went away leaving the family with a heavy heart
They do all this with noble intentions
For the happiness of families and improving family economic
They must do work hard and risky under the rules of the bosses
They must have more patience to do all this
Loneliness is a loyal friend to those
Behind their smiles is crying
I suggest you all must be excited


this is our motto
Arise... Arise... Arise to success
leave... Leave... Leave a failure
failure is something that is not pleasant to heard and felt
Therefore do not let failure be with you but leave it
success is something that evryone crave for it although fraught with challenges
Therefore strive towards success with all spirit
people who have failed now....
Does not mean people who fail
But he is the one who runs tosuccess
Make failure a lesson for success!!!
The most successful people in the world has ever experienced failure
maybe even a thousand failures
being successful is not an obligation
that the obligation is a struggle to success
Dispose of failures keep a success
But also must remember endeavors and pray to GOD almighty because essentially what is in this world belongs to GOD

Thursday, October 17, 2013


your world is so beautiful
Whoever with you will feel the beauty of the world
your world is so adorable
make people feel happy when with you
your world is so peaceful
Make people feel peaceful and calm mind when with you
you are so cute
Your laughter make people who see you want to carry you
Your chatter make people who see you want to give you a sweet pinch
you are so innocent
In your heart there is no resentment,envy and other ugly trait
you are so holy
Like a sheet of paper with no streaks
You don,t do a lot of sins
everyone had passed the children period
anyone that¡¡¡
masa kanak kanak adalah masa yang paling indah

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


your sacrifice so great!!!
you are a very noble woman
Your greatness is recognized by the world
This is part of your sacrifice
You are pregnant for 9month 10days with full responsibility
You gave birth your life is at stake
You breastfeed your children when they need it
Every night you wake up because of their cries
The whole world admires you... MOTHER
i can not say anything
Only one setence for u "I LOVE YOU MOM"
Berbaktilah kepada IBU karena dia sangat banyak berkorban untuk kita

Monday, October 14, 2013


This is what life in the mountains
There we rarely find supermarket
There we found only a small grocery store
Our activiting every day is to go to the field
We never care about the scorching heat of the sun as well as with rain
Becsuse we are farmers
but we still always feel happy to live in the mountains Because there are important is harmonious life
We can give each other and share!!!
THE POINT: wherever we live we will always be happy that because of how we felt it
Mohon di kasih saran /kritikan melalui kotak komentar karena mungkin kata katanya ada yang salah dan juga penulisanya... Karena yang menulis sebenarny a tidak bisa bahasa inggris