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Sunday, December 22, 2013

I love you mom

I love you mama

Mother is the most important thing for us
where a mother's love is extraordinary to us
from small to big was the mother still loves us
mother is a woman who never tired of loving us
when we are hungry,,, mother's hands that feed us
when we are thirsty,,, mother's hands who gave us a drink
when we cry,,, mother hand that wiping tears
when we shower,,, mother hand the leveling of water throughout the body
When we hit by problems,,, mother's hands caressing our grief
when we are happy,,, mother hand receiving thanks and hugged us mother hand magic hand
mother's touch is a touch of love

If we feel in solitude
if we feel hate our life
if we feel the loneliness
then closed our eyes and see the mother's face
mother who loves us more than others
mothers are always concerned with our loneliness
mother who suffer when knowing we're crying The harshness of the world is not like a mother's love
out there we will never find sincerity such a mother sincerity
"when the mother is old... So let's don't let the mother feeding food to her mouth with trembling hands
"when mom is sick... We have to take care of her with love
"mother's love sincere of all time
"in this mother's day... let us shout i love you mom

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Reasons to love

let's singing
la la la laaa
do you feel me?
do you feel me what i feel too?
do you need me?
do you need me? ee ee eee
that the reason i love you is you
in you,,,
just you,,,

Good evening all my friends
hopefully your day is filled with love
this time,,, muya devoteeshonesty come again to bring love
do you know why I am often brings love in my article???
it was all because of the love we can feel happier life
he he hetherefore always bring love in you
can you put it in the pocket
or it could be in the bag
sorry... a little joke
to be sure,,, love will always be in your heart all

By the way,,, when you love someone
does your love have a reason???
hmmm yeah,,, there is possibility or also certainity
there are a lot of people loving someone with a reason like the following example
«i love you because of your hairstyle»
«i love you because your face beauty»
«i love you because your posture body»
«i love you because your eyes are so soft
and many other reasons
but it all is an additional reason
here are some the more important reasons to love someone
«i love you because you're very understanding me»
«i love you because you were always there for me»
«i love you because i know you're going suffer without me»
and many more reason that may be more important
but usually,,, when we love someone:-
asked the reason why???,,, the answer is don't know!!!
hemm hemm hemm it's all because love is everything

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Love is a mysterious thing

My article this time stumble love
what is the meaning of the word love ???
i don't know what the real meaning of love
how the meaning of love do you think???
you are free to explain the meaning of love according your thinking in the comment box
he he hee {hopefully}

Now my turn to outlining the love in my view
this is very difficult for me to decipher
for me love is a mysterious thing
we never know when love comes and goes
it was like jelangkung
come not picked up,,, back home not delivered
and when love it comes very difficult for us to reject
unlike a phone call, we can reject with once press only

Why here i say love is a mysterious thing
because love comes with sudden
without permission first
without texted first
without giving a missed call first
sometimes love comes more quickly than what we expect
sometimes it can be the right time as we expect
and sometimes can be slower than what we expected

Besides it also,,, previously we didn't know who would we love
maybe,,, we can love a stranger, or it could be called love at first sight
maybe,,, we can love our friends
and maybe,,,in fact we can love people we hate
that is all we can not predict
this article just describe a little of the mystery of love in my view

cinta adalah hal yang misterius
ketika rasa cinta itu datang kita akan mesulitan untuk menolaknya, dan bahkan mungkin tidak sanggup untuk menolaknya
kita pun tidak bisa meramalkan kapan rasa cinta itu akan datang