Saturday, November 16, 2013


Regarding leaving and hating
in general anything that we hate then we will leave it
but we leave something it does not mean we hate something that

Yeah that is what i'm doing to you right now
i leave you it does not mean i hate you
i leave you for variety of reasons
with variety of reasons as well for i do not hate you

Our relationship have established so long
we had been so close
i know all about you and you also know about me

but the fact of the parts that i know you that is not the truth
what you done not according to what you are talking about
you lied to me like
because i hate the lies that the reason why i'm leaving you
that does not mean i hate you but i hate your attitude
i also leave you with the reason i know you'll be happier without me

So forgive me as i leave you
but i did not want to hate you too
that is the reason because you've been so good to me
because you've been so understanding of me
therefore i will not hate you

So in this world will never be found the dictionary that muya devoteeshonesty hate ex boy friend / lover and hate ex friend
he he he is there a word said ex friend???
i do not know how to say it
more trivial i call the ex friend

Because i was a little selfish
so leave someone it is regular thing for me
but to hate someone it is very difficult/impossible for me
because i will never hate anyone who ever lived in my heart as friend or boy friend / lover
that it is my principle
that was the intent of my words «leaving does not mean hating»

Aku meninggalkanmu bukan berarti aku membencimu
karena aku tidak akan pernah membenci seseorang yang pernah tinggal di hatiku
siapapun dia


  1. Was here with by happiness and had supported u, mbak Muya...

  2. Hehee thank you very much pak uda...
    Good morning


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